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Why E-Invites are trending wedding scenes?

In this tech-savvy era, internet and social media has taken control over our lives and have made it so effortless. Having a cost-effective approach, saving time on making wedding invites and sharing them via Facebook, E-Mail, WhatsApp etc has become a craze these days. We live by our phones, so due to the spectacular features, WhatsApp has clinched a lot of popularity among modern couples by striking in them an idea of E-invites.

E-invites these days are universally acceptable. Wedding Invitations offer invariable options. From a traditional paper wedding invite to digital invite, it is very hard to choose which is the best option to opt. With the changes in technology, the format might have changed, but the invitations are still as relevant as they were in the past decades.

Also, couples are looking out to practise practical and eco-friendly ways eliminating the extras on their wedding like spending on paper invites. Instead, every information can be found on their wedding website.

Here are some curated reasons that describe why E-invites have become the trending wedding scenes:

Customization:  In E-invites one can customize it as per their choice like adding memes, trying different themes, adding pictures of their pre-wedding shoot etc.


Easier for your guests to arrive: Everything is Online, these days! So, it’s easier for the guests to arrive at the venue without any obstacle, as the location of the venue in the E-invite will be accompanying them.


No Chances of Delivery Mistakes: Stress surrounds when the invitation will be delivered? And it’s hard to concentrate on other stuff. Hence, WhatsApp wedding invitations come to play at this instant, where the invitation is delivered in a few clicks and ticks.

SV Insta

Better utilization of monetary resources: Not only you have an option to customize and add a number of details as you like but you also get a wedding invitation at a fraction of cost of the paper invitation.

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Save Environment: Traditional Wedding Invitations require a lot of paper and which is the main reason for harming the environment. It’s a great idea to spread awareness and reduce the carbon footprint on the earth. A wedding is not just an event but an opportunity to convey this beautiful message.

Less Stressful: Nowadays the brides, as well as grooms, are busy in their daily work schedule and you are so much distressed about your wedding invitation. This is the time when you can think to make your wedding invitations online. Simply just open the website and sign up. Create your desired online wedding invitation in just a fraction of seconds. All you need is to pick the design and start playing with it by customizing it your way. Then you can share it with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook or E-Mail in just a single click.

Last Minute Mistakes: This is the most daunting task of correcting last-minute mistakes in wedding invitations. In WhatsApp e-invites, you can customize it your way and with the corrections, you can share it as many times as you want to. Isn’t this trend amazing!

SV Insta 4

It can be rightfully said that the e-invites are trending for all the right reason. Making and sending an E-invite is the easiest and the best time-saving idea for your wedding.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Explore this idea and start customizing it!

If you are looking to create one for yourself Click here or visit Wish n WedWish n Wed.


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